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6/16/19 – Island Jam Street Fair – Alameda

7/6/19 – Starry Plough – Berkeley

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5/11/19 – Little Rock Bar, Columbus, OH – Album Release

5/23/19 – Fireside Lounge, Alameda, CA

KT Ramsey Live


KT began her journey in music as a child with piano lessons from her aunts. Having dedicated herself to solo classical performance, she eventually found playing each note as it was written to be a restricting exercise thus started writing her own songs around the age of 11.

She abandoned the idea of going to music school to pursue writing. Throughout college, KT performed progressive songs comprised of raw expressive storytelling and rich ethereal tones. Her rotating backing musicians brought jazz, fusion, and rock elements to her tunes and helped shape her sonic essence. KT became an Earthquaker Devices Artist and really began to explore her sound.

“I like the honesty that comes through in [improvisation] rather than playing something your body and muscles remember to be a certain way. It’s more of a spiritual experience to have that open area. Let’s take some risks. Let’s see how we can move and shape this in the moment.”

from Columbus Alive

Upon graduating with a degree in journalism, KT became overwhelmed with the lack of honesty in the world of media. Her innate sense of longing to “tell it how it really is” drives her music. She also spends much of her creative time in writing, photography, videography, performance art, and painting. At times she has felt it necessary to pick a lane, but finds harmony and balance by flirting with all of her artistic expressions.

In 2016 she released her debut album Fatum Escape Echo with Lisa Bella Donna. It was a unique and naturally-driven duo record with elements of folk, pop, and psychedelic prog rock. The release of the album launched a spirit within KT that sent her into a whirlwind of soul-seeking, musical exploration, and running around from place to place. She began to record her own music while traipsing around the globe playing shows here and there. Her travels across America, Europe, India, and various remote islands have given her a plethora of insight and inspiration to share life’s peaks and valleys through her various mediums, but namely through her songwriting.

She spent 2018 on Kauai where she really grounded into her truest musical self and committed to recording all of her own synths, guitars, vocals & electronic drums for her sophomore album What Ever You Want which features the awe-inspiring jazz guitarist Stan Smith and a vast array of musical specializations from Lisa Bella Donna.

KT now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and her Coven is taking on a psychedelic dream-pop sound.

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