KT Ramsey Announces her New Pop Album What Ever You Want

Press release date: April 21, 2019 for Immediate Release

KT Ramsey announces her return from several years of traveling with her sophomore album What Ever You Want. The album will be released on Bandcamp and all other major streaming sites on May 11, 2019.

KT left her band in Ohio to embark on a solo career. She spent several months busking in New Orleans and began to make her own music videos. After a heartbreaking digital crash in May of 2017 in which she lost everything, KT decided it was best to take time from gigging to explore the world and recollect her artistic focus. She spent a long summer in Europe exploring personal film projects but quickly missed writing and performing music. After a relaxing time on Crete where she regained her musical mission, she relocated to Kauai to carry on with island life and to record what became What Ever You Want.

She traveled several times to Columbus, Ohio to work with her former live drummer Lisa Bella Donna. Lisa is a renowned studio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and Moog & Earthquaker Devices demo artist. KT wrote and recorded her own guitar, synth, vocal, and electronic drum tracks in a studio by the ocean. The atmosphere provided her the seclusion and inspiration she needed after a long season of hardships. She produced the album alongside Lisa who took KT’s initial mixes and drove home the final product.

“KT’s chapter spent out on the island evoked a great collection of songs on this record. It’s always cool to hear how she puts an idea in motion. Post-production was really fun while slamming drums, bass, and various keyboards along with Stan Smith who plays some absolutely gorgeous guitar all throughout the record.” – Lisa Bella Donna

Live performances:

May 11 – Columbus, OH – Little Rock Bar (for the album release)

May 23 – Alameda, CA – Fireside Lounge (with her new lineup)

More dates to be announced.

What Ever You Want is a full-length album comprised of 7 tracks. The album begins by leading the listener through a journey of heartache, wonder, and finding self. “Evil” hooks you with a melody about the political climate of America and how it drives fear within and beyond the states. Towards the middle of the album, the once seemingly lost narrator becomes one who is all-too-knowing in a dusty dive bar in the Midwest where the people work hard for what they have, drink hard to celebrate, and “pretentious” isn’t a known adjective for anyone in sight. The closing track “Light Being” wraps it all up with an anthem of freedom, truth, and loving one’s self. KT now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She will continue to book shows regionally this summer with a new line-up and plans to tour beyond California as the year progresses.

For more information please go to: http://www.ktramsey.com/

For all inquiries about partnerships, media opportunities and more, please contact KT’s management team at: kt.ramsey.management@gmail.com